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Milk Powder & Shipping Box

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Bundle of 30 ($1.29 per box)
Pack of 150 ($1.02 per box)
Pallet of 800 ($0.96 per box)


Milk Powder & Shipping Box (BOX 6) 400 x 285 x 190mm (Int), 1CS (C35) 4mm thick super strong box, a better solution for all your food packaging requirements.

Bundle of 30 $35.16 ($1.172 per box)
Pack of 120 $116.88 ($0.974 per box)
Pallet of 480 $426.24 ($0.888 per box)

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Bundle of 30 ($1.29 per box)
Pack of 150 ($1.02 per box)
Pallet of 800 ($0.96 per box)

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5C or B – Light single flute cardboard used for light packaging requirements or for products that support themselves.

4C or B – Slightly stronger single flute cardboard used for packing paper/notes/pads, etc. Usually for products that self support.

3C or B – Most common board grade usually used for virtually any standard light weight packing.

3C or B Super – Medium strength board that is slightly stronger than the above 3C/B board and can also be used for frozen goods.

1C or B – Strong single flute carboard used mainly for products that need extra support when stacking.

1C or B Super – Super Strength Cardboard that is mainly used for frozen food products that are transported long distance.

3 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard used for Removal Boxes and products that need that little extra care when packaged or for bulky items that may need thicker board when transported.

1 BC – Twin Cushion cardboard with some of the highest grade board for Superior support and stack-ability. Primarily for items over 30KG.